Our Limited Production Schedule Yields Exceptional Results

Our small team of dedicated experts know more about Land Cruisers than anyone else in this industry and we have decades of experience restoring this iconic brand.

As a result, we have found that attention to detail demands quality over quantity. This is why our production volume is limited to no more than 16 handmade Vintage Cruisers annually with available slots usually booked month’s in advance.

It is our commitment to "quality over quantity" that re-defines the Vintage 4x4 experience and guarantees our singular focus:

To Deliver the Best Toyota Land Cruiser Restorations in the World


We are Costa Rica’s Leading Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration Workshop

Our restoration philosophy is quite simple. Do one thing and do it really well.

This is why we only specialize in the restoration of the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser, so that we can deliver the finest Toyota Land Cruiser restorations in the world.

Most importantly, we are all Land Cruiser enthusiasts just like you, and love to spread the "FJ Joy" one Vintage 4x4 restoration at a time, so…

Don’t Settle for Just Any Toyota Land Cruiser, Insist on a Vintage Cruiser


Our Vintage Cruisers are Built Using Only the Best Components and Accessories

This is why we have developed strategic partnerships with cutting edge companies whose technologies and products seamlessly complement and enhance our industry leading Vintage 4x4 restoration services.



Only the Most Well-Preserved Land Cruisers are Chosen to Become Vintage Cruiser

Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and scouts throughout North, Central and South America that are continuously on the lookout for suitable donor vehicles for our Vintage 4x4 restoration projects.

As part of our rigorous selection criteria, every donor vehicle that we select must have a solid chassis with little to no body rust, and above all, matching numbers. This guarantees that every Vintage Cruiser that we build becomes an authentic and valuable Toyota Land Cruiser restoration.

It All Starts with a Strong Foundation and then We Build from There


Every Land Cruiser We Restore is Fully Disassembled and Rebuilt from Scratch

Unlike many of our competitors, we only perform full, nut and bolt, frame-off restorations. This ensures that every Vintage Cruiser we build leaves our shop in concourse condition.

If it's not welded on, then it's taken off. What this simply means is that we completely disassemble each and every Land Cruiser down to its chassis as part of our thorough Vintage 4x4 restoration process. All body panels are sand-blasted and painted to look like new using factory correct colors. The engine and transmission are rebuilt, the interior is custom tailored to your needs, and the electrical systems are all redone.

Your Land Cruiser is Restored to Better Than Original Factory Specifications


A Final Quality-Control Inspection and Off-Road Audit is Performed Before Delivery

Once the Vintage 4x4 restoration process has been completed, we test drive your newly reborn Vintage Cruiser for 500 miles to ensure our quality standards and top reliability.

During this final quality-control inspection and demanding off-road audit, we fine-tune the engine, transmission and suspension. We also listen for squeaks and rattles and adjust the wheel alignment as needed, and ensure all electrical components are functioning.

Finally, we have the largest regional Toyota dealership in Central Florida perform an independent, full service and comprehensive diagnostic.

Your Vintage Cruiser is then Delivered Right to Your Doorstep, Free of Charge



Let Us Build the Vintage Cruiser of Your Dreams and Start Your Vintage 4x4 Journey Today!